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        Upgraded Points (“UP”) was launched in 2016 by founder Alex Miller, with the mission to not only show travelers the real value of points and miles, but to also upgrade their overall travel experiences.

        UP works to achieve this goal by publishing free, highly researched, in-depth and intuitive content that aims to give our readers everything they’re looking for — and more. 千元神机Our experts spend anywhere between 5-20+ hours researching and crafting a single piece of content.千元神机

        The team doesn’t just publish content, though. With the airline and hotel industry constantly evolving and changing, content becomes outdated very quickly. That’s why 千元神机we review and update every single article on the site, regularly千元神机 – some as often as every month or quarter.

        We love hearing from readers who were able to take fantastic adventures, or experience great products they wouldn’t have otherwise managed, had it not been for the content we produce and share.

        That’s why UP exists and that’s what excites us.

        In 2016, UP welcomed over 1MM people to the site and in 2019 surpassed 20MM visitors. The brand continues to grow with increasing press and brand mentions.


        Founder & CEO

        Alex has been traveling for over 25 years and he has his parents to thank for this. Born and raised in England (and living there until he was 27), from a?young age Alex was lucky enough to set out on numerous family trips all over the world.

        During university, where he studied Business & Management with Spanish, Alex studied abroad for a year in Alicante. After graduating in 2007 his passion jumped to another level when he and 5 friends visited 10 European countries in just 30 days – all on a shoestring budget.

        This travel bug turned into a full-time obsession when Alex moved to America in 2011 after falling?head-over-heels in love?with Erin.

        Alex has since earned millions of travel points and miles, mainly through maximizing credit card sign-up bonuses and taking every opportunity to earn the most?points possible on each dollar spent.

        These points and miles have helped Alex to fly some of the most awarded international first-class products in the world, including Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Japan Airlines, Emirates, Etihad, British Airways & Lufthansa!

        千元神机Countries Visited: 千元神机34
        千元神机U.S. States Visited: 千元神机29
        千元神机Highest Hotel Status:千元神机 SPG Gold千元神机
        Highest Airline Status:
        千元神机Oneworld Gold
        千元神机Favorite Airline Alliance: 千元神机Oneworld千元神机
        Favorite First Class:
        千元神机Etihad Apartment (A380) & New Singapore Suites (A380)
        千元神机Favorite Business Class:千元神机 QSuites (A350)
        千元神机Best Redemption Value: 千元神机Our Around the World Trip – 611k miles for $55,000+ of value.
        千元神机Favorite Type of Points:?千元神机Chase Ultimate Rewards
        千元神机Top 3 Cards in Wallet:?千元神机Chase Sapphire Reserve? Card,?Chase Ink Business Preferred? &?Business Platinum? Card from American Express


        Content Contributor & Staff Relations

        Erin currently maintains her status as Alex’s adventure-seeking partner-in-crime and contributes to Upgraded Points through in-depth content creation & relationship management.

        She caught the travel bug just after high school when her grandmother took her on a two-week, whirlwind trip around Europe. That was that – she’s been gallivanting around the globe ever since (26 countries & counting)!

        Alex’s persistence with cracking the points game wide open has allowed her to experience some incredible, new destinations and some pretty fantastic flight upgrades. She’s now fully invested in this lucrative industry hack with 6 different points-earning credit cards in her wallet. She’s constantly choosing the best card for the purchase at hand, capitalizing on category bonuses and checking portals to maximize spend.

        And it’s definitely worth all the effort – with?8 different First & Biz class products under her belt, Erin swears it’s an insane?way to fly, that will never (ever) get old.

        Erin has been mentioned in a number of publications, including: Lonely Planet, Business Insider, Forbes and Flight Network.

        千元神机Countries Visited: 千元神机26
        千元神机U.S. States Visited: 千元神机28千元神机
        Favorite First Class:?
        千元神机Etihad Apartment (A380)
        千元神机Favorite Business Class:千元神机 Singapore Airlines (777)
        千元神机Best Redemption Value:?千元神机Singapore Suites from JFK > FRA> SIN
        千元神机Favorite Type of Points:?千元神机American Express Membership Rewards
        千元神机Top 3 Cards in Wallet:?千元神机Chase Sapphire Reserve? Card,?Chase Freedom Unlimited? &?The American Express Gold Card


        Director of Special Projects

        Leigh Rowan brings a wealth of travel expertise and industry connections to the constantly-growing UP Team. Leigh has been a world traveler since his teens and has visited over 60 countries on 6 continents (Antarctica, he’s coming for you next!), often times traveling with his family in premium classes for little more out-of-pocket cost than an economy ticket.

        Leigh met his wife on an airplane (Alaska Airlines; OAK to SEA!), and they’ve been traveling together ever since, and even now, with little ones in tow! His two children (4 and 1 years old) have had American Airlines AAdvantage Gold and Delta SkyMiles Silver Medallion status – with a little luck and grit, they’ll both be at Platinum on each airline, soon enough!

        Anchoring our West Coast presence, Leigh lives and works in San Francisco’s busy entrepreneurial?and tech scene. He brings years of experience in the finance, frequently flyer/loyalty program, and technology sectors. When he’s not helping UP strike new relationships with advertising or tech partners, he’s helping busy executives manage their travels via his company Savanti Travel.

        Leigh studied Italian at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and did a brief stint in culinary school in Italy. You can follow Leigh’s frequent travels, occasional pictures of food, and infrequent musings on Twitter.

        千元神机Countries Visited: 千元神机60千元神机
        Favorite First Class:
        千元神机Tie between?Cathay F on the 777 and JAL F on the 777
        千元神机Favorite Business Class:千元神机?Three way tie (are those allowed?!) between the food and champagne on Air France’s 777, the spaciousness of Asiana’s A350, and the overall service and experience of Cathay’s 777
        千元神机Best Redemption Value: 千元神机15 cents/mile for Etihad First (SFO-AUH) for my best friend for his honeymoon!
        千元神机Favorite Type of Points:?千元神机Chase Ultimate Rewards
        千元神机Top 3 Cards in Wallet: 千元神机Chase Sapphire Reserve?千元神机, 千元神机Business Platinum? from American Express OPEN千元神机, 千元神机Platinum Delta SkyMiles? Credit Card from American Express


        Editor in Chief & Director of Operations

        Kellie joins the UP team after spending 9 years in the education sector, both in Higher Education and K-12. Over the years, she found her professional passion revolved around compliance, data reporting, and process implementation/refinement.

        Kellie has always enjoyed traveling, but was welcomed to the world of points/miles when her husband showed her how to make the most those points/miles to travel to Dubai, France, Thailand, Hong Kong, and a few more. Her favorite trip to date was their honeymoon when she got to fly Singapore Suites, The Apartment on Etihad, and Emirates First — all on points/miles.

        Kellie, her husband, and two dogs, Alley & Scotty Cameron, live in Salt Lake City where they spend time hiking, golfing, and watching a lot of basketball.

        Kellie holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a Master’s of Education from the University of Texas at Austin.

        千元神机Countries Visited:千元神机 7
        千元神机U.S. States Visited:千元神机 20
        千元神机Favorite First Class:千元神机 The Apartment on Etihad
        千元神机Favorite Business Class:千元神机 Lufthansa
        千元神机Best Redemption Value:千元神机 The Apartment on Etihad AUH > JFK. Retail Value: $9,260. Redeemed for 99,244 Membership Rewards points (resulting in 千元神机9.3 cents per point千元神机).
        千元神机Favorite Type of Points:千元神机 American Express Membership Rewards
        千元神机Top 3 Cards in Wallet:千元神机 The Platinum Card by American Express, the American Express Gold Card, and the Chase Sapphire Preferred


        Senior Editor

        Keri was born and raised in Atlanta and first traveled abroad while studying marketing at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. She now makes Singapore her home.

        Keri has traveled to 31 countries, 15 of which were during a 2-year overseas assignment in Doha, Qatar. Her favorite travel destinations include Jordan, The Maldives, and Turkey. Her family of 5 relocated to Singapore in Fall 2019 and she is already enjoying all of the amazing travel and adventure opportunities that Southeast Asia has to offer.

        She has spent most of her career in corporate marketing for Domino’s Pizza and was also the Executive Director of the American Chamber of Commerce in Qatar. Most recently Keri was the Assistant Editor of a local Houston website.

        千元神机Countries Visited:千元神机 31
        千元神机U.S. States Visited: 千元神机28
        千元神机Highest Hotel Status:?千元神机No loyalty = no status!
        千元神机Highest Airline Status:?千元神机Delta Platinum
        千元神机Favorite Airline Alliance:?千元神机Star Alliance千元神机
        千元神机Favorite First Class: 千元神机
        千元神机Qatar A380千元神机
        千元神机Favorite Business Class: 千元神机
        千元神机Etihad A330-300千元神机
        千元神机Best Redemption Value: 千元神机
        千元神机A 2-week tour of Christmas Markets in Europe, including 5 countries and 6 cities, all on airline miles and SPG points
        千元神机F千元神机avorite Type of Points: 千元神机千元神机Chase Ultimate Rewards千元神机
        千元神机Top 3 Cards in Wallet: 千元神机
        千元神机Chase Sapphire Reserve? Card, Citi? Double Cash Card, Capital One? Quicksilver? card


        Senior Points Content Contributor

        Christine was born in Northern Michigan but spent most of her financial services career in the Metro Detroit area and a few years in New York. She now makes Northern Michigan her home but despite her remote location, she travels over 200,000 miles each year, most of it internationally.

        Christine has been writing about her weekend travels, personal finance, and travel tips for over 10 years. She has been a contributor to various online travel blogs, a regional men’s magazine, travel newsletters, lifestyle blogs, and authored a book about her weekend travels.

        Her travel philosophy is that “if you go where everyone else wants to go when everyone else wants to go there, you’ll get very little value for your travel dollar”. She plans her travels with that philosophy.

        Her expertise is traveling the world on a weekend with no pre-determined destination in mind, letting the cost of the airfare determine where she will go. She has over four million flown miles and elite status on all three major domestic carriers.

        Christine uses her miles to position to cities where deals can be found, preferably in business class, and uses rewards points to pay for the flights. She also uses her earned systemwide upgrades to fly in business and first.

        You can follow Christine on?Twitter.

        千元神机Countries Visited:千元神机 94
        千元神机U.S. States Visited:千元神机 45
        千元神机Highest Hotel Status:千元神机?Marriott Bonvoy Titanium
        千元神机Highest Airline Status:千元神机?Delta Diamond
        千元神机Favorite Airline Alliance:千元神机?Sky Team
        千元神机Favorite First Class:千元神机?Emirates First Class A380 Suite
        千元神机Favorite Business Class:千元神机?Delta One Suites
        千元神机Best Redemption Value:千元神机?Avios for short-haul flights
        千元神机Favorite Type of Points:千元神机?Chase Ultimate Rewards
        千元神机Top 3 Cards in Wallet:千元神机?Chase Sapphire Reserve, Gold Card from American Express, Hilton Honors Aspire


        Senior Content Contributor

        Katie is an Ohio native who caught the travel bug after spending a semester in college in Nottingham, England. In addition to exploring England, she visited Ireland, Scotland and the Netherlands during that time and loved every minute of it (everything except the hostel in Scotland – that’s an experience she doesn’t intend on repeating!)

        In 2015, Katie discovered the world of points and miles, and since then she’s earned countless points and has an embarrassingly large number of credit cards in her wallet (which she needs a spreadsheet to keep track of!)

        While luxury flights are nice, Katie is obsessed with great hotel redemptions. Her favorite hotel brand is Hyatt. She’s enjoyed many luxury stays at places like Miraval Arizona, Grand Hyatt Kauai, Andaz Costa Rica, and the Park Hyatt Chicago — all totally on points! You can read all about these trips and more on her blog, 千元神机Zen Life and Travel

        In addition to writing for Upgraded Points, Katie has also written for Million Mile Secrets.

        When she’s not traveling, Katie spends her time at home in Columbus, OH with her 6 year old daughter, husband, and 2 cats — all who benefit from her points and miles obsession (well, not the cats).

        You can follow Katie’s adventures around Columbus and across the globe on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

        千元神机Countries Visited:千元神机 21
        千元神机U.S. States Visited:千元神机 24
        千元神机Highest Hotel Status:千元神机 Marriott Bonvoy Gold Elite, Hilton Gold
        千元神机Highest Airline Status:千元神机 Southwest Companion Pass
        千元神机Favorite First Class:千元神机 I’ll take any of them!!
        千元神机Favorite Business Class:千元神机 American Airlines A330 was surprisingly nice!
        千元神机Best Redemption Value:千元神机 Purchasing a Marriott Vacation Package to get the Southwest Companion Pass (unfortunately this is no longer an option).
        千元神机Favorite Type of Points:千元神机 Chase Ultimate Rewards
        千元神机Top 3 Cards in Wallet:千元神机 Chase Sapphire Reserve, American Express Gold Card, World of Hyatt Credit Card


        Senior Points Content Contributor

        Born and raised in Los Angeles,?Stephen?has been privileged to enjoy many premium cabin products and 5-star hotels.

        A petroleum engineer by trade, Stephen caught the travel bug in college when he traveled to Asia several times. After 2 years of continual promotions, Stephen quit his safe and secure career path in favor of entrepreneurship.

        Stephen’s company, known as Au Points and Awards Consulting Services (AuPACS, pronounced OW-PAX), focuses on building ultra-customized credit card plans and curating points-funded dream vacations for his clients, primarily business owners and even corporations.

        Stephen?understands that the subject of redemptions, often known as the most difficult part of points optimization, can be overwhelming. His technical background enabled him to create a data-driven process that helps his clients find the most efficient use of points within their parameters.

        When he isn’t building relationships, Stephen is also a third-wave coffeepreneur and owns a product wholesale business.

        You can follow Stephen and his travels on Instagram.

        千元神机Countries Visited:千元神机?21
        千元神机U.S. States Visited:千元神机?20
        千元神机Highest Hotel Status:千元神机?Hilton Honors Diamond and Marriott Bonvoy Titanium
        千元神机Highest Airline Status:千元神机?American Airlines Platinum Pro
        千元神机Favorite Airline Alliance:千元神机?Oneworld
        千元神机Favorite First Class:千元神机?Cathay Pacific (777). Spa lounges, cabanas, classic Hong Kong luxury, and the widest first class seat in the world.
        千元神机Favorite Business Class:千元神机?EVA Air (777). Rimowa amenities, pajamas, amazing food, top-notch service.
        千元神机Best Redemption Value:千元神机?25 cents per point flying in ANA First Class
        千元神机Favorite Type of Points:千元神机?American Express Membership Rewards
        千元神机Top 3 Cards in Wallet:千元神机?American Express Hilton Honors Aspire?, Chase Ink Business Preferred?, Platinum Card??from American Express


        Senior Content Contributor

        Born and raised just outside of Cincinnati, Jarrod became fascinated with using points and miles as the perfect way to visit dream destinations without breaking the bank.

        Thanks to points and miles, Jarrod was able to spend 3 months traveling Europe financed nearly entirely with points and miles; while flying in premium cabins and staying in 5-star hotels along the way. To date, Jarrod has traveled to 16 countries and 22 US states.

        He also runs his own travel blog, the Freequent Flyer Blog, where he specializes in providing consulting services to those who are new to the world of points and miles. He has helped his clients earn and redeem millions of points, saving them tens of thousands of dollars in
        the process.

        Jarrod makes it a priority to always stay on top of the latest news in the points travel world and loves attending conferences to share ideas with fellow travelers. So if you see him at conferences like TravelCon or Frequent Traveler University, be sure to stop and say hello!

        When he’s not traveling or writing about travel, Jarrod loves cooking (mostly eating!), reading, and cheering on Liverpool F.C.

        Follow Jarrod on?Instagram?and Twitter.

        千元神机Countries Visited:千元神机 16
        千元神机U.S. States Visited:千元神机 22
        千元神机Highest Hotel Status:千元神机 Hyatt Globalist and Hilton Diamond
        千元神机Highest Airline Status:千元神机 Southwest Companion Pass
        千元神机Favorite Airline Alliance:千元神机 Star Alliance
        千元神机Favorite Business Class:千元神机 International – Delta One on the A350,
        Domestic – JetBlue Mint
        千元神机Best Redemption Value:千元神机 10 cents per point flying CVG to CDG in Delta One
        千元神机Favorite Type of Points:千元神机 American Express Membership Rewards
        千元神机Top 3 Cards in Wallet:千元神机 Platinum Card? from American Express, American
        Express Gold Card, Chase Sapphire Reserve


        Senior Content Contributor

        Amar was born and raised in England, UK, and sadly didn’t catch his bout of wanderlust until his early twenties.

        Playing catch up, Amar embarked on an 11 country round the world gap year after graduation and then became well and truly hooked. The first gap year inspired a second which ended up being a 23 country down-the-world trip from Canada to Antarctica.

        Since then Amar has endeavored to turn his gap year into a ‘gap life’ and has spent the last 10 years traveling the 7 continents. He has also lived in places such as Australia, Colombia, Costa Rica and Mexico.

        Amar’s travel experiences started off in the humble roots of budget and backpacker travel but as he’s matured so have his tastes (whilst still looking for a deal!). Now he wants the finer things in travel such as a bed or cabin on his flights; and that’s where his passion for points developed.

        Amar holds a BS in Management & Strategy from Aston University, still runs the travel website GapYearEscape.com and has contributed to publications such as?Forbes,?千元神机Entrepreneur,?Huffington Post,?Elite Daily?and?Business 2 Community?and you can follow him on?Twitter?and?LinkedIn.

        千元神机Countries Visited: 千元神机60
        千元神机U.S. States Visited: 千元神机9千元神机
        Favorite First Class:
        千元神机Singapore Airlines (A380)
        千元神机Favorite Business Class:千元神机?Virgin Atlantic Upper Class (787)
        千元神机Favorite Airline Alliance:千元神机 Oneworld
        千元神机Best Redemption Value:?千元神机BA Travel Together Ticket (First Class)
        千元神机Favorite Type of Points:?千元神机American Express Membership Rewards
        千元神机Top 3 Cards in Wallet:?千元神机Chase Sapphire Reserve? Card,?Chase Freedom Unlimited? Card?& The Business Platinum? Card from American Express OPEN


        Social Media Manager & Family Travel Contributor

        Chris is from Boston and is currently living in Rio de Janeiro with his wife, two kids, and their dog, Shelby.

        When Chris was in college, he spent a semester abroad studying hotel and business management in Switzerland. That is where he caught the travel bug?and?met his wife. Quite a successful trip!

        Since then, Chris and his wife have lived and worked on three different continents together and travel in search of good food and drinks whenever they have the chance.

        From lie-flat beds in the sky and 5-star hotels?to lap-children in coach and Airbnbs, Chris tries to maximize every family vacation so that his kids will appreciate the joy of travel just like he does.

        Chris funds their family travel addiction with the help of credit card points to make sure that grandparents in each hemisphere?get quality time with the kids!

        You can follow Chris on?Instagram.

        千元神机Countries Visited:千元神机 20
        千元神机Favorite First Class:千元神机 Etihad Apartment (A380)
        千元神机Favorite Business Class:千元神机 American Airlines 777 – I know it’s not the fanciest, but it’s a great option for when we fly GIG-JFK, which is often.
        千元神机Best Redemption Value:千元神机 I helped booked a RTW honeymoon for my Dad and his wife all in business/first class and 5-star hotels, ending with a ride home in the Etihad Apartment.
        千元神机Favorite Redemption Points:千元神机 American Express Membership Rewards
        千元神机Top 3 Cards in Wallet:千元神机 Citi Prestige, The Blue Business Plus Credit Card from American Express, Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant Card American Express Card


        Travel & Finance Content Contributor

        Christy was born in St. Louis, Missouri, but lived in Texas the majority of her life. Now, work has her living in the Bay Area with her husband and yellow lab. Her first international travel experience was for a summer study abroad program in Italy. After that, she knew that she was destined to travel as much as possible.

        Luckily, her husband worked at Southwest Airlines, so they were introduced to the exciting world of “non-rev” travel. This allowed them to visit over 30 countries – mostly on standby. After he left that role, she dove into the world of credit card rewards points to keep traveling for free!

        Besides travel, Christy’s other love is personal finance. She holds a BA in Accounting and an MS in Finance, both from Texas A&M University. She is also a Certified Public Accountant.

        You can follow Christy on Instagram.

        千元神机Countries Visited:千元神机 36
        千元神机U.S. States Visited:千元神机 31
        千元神机Highest Hotel Status:千元神机 Marriott Bonvoy Lifetime Platinum Elite
        千元神机Favorite Airline Alliance:千元神机 Star Alliance
        千元神机Favorite Business Class:千元神机 Singapore Airlines
        千元神机Best Redemption Value:千元神机 Two seats in Singapore Business Class from SFO-Singapore nonstop (17 hours!) to celebrate my 10th wedding anniversary.
        千元神机Favorite Type of Points:千元神机 Chase Ultimate Rewards
        千元神机Top 3 Cards in Wallet:千元神机 Chase Sapphire Preferred, Chase Ink Business Preferred, and the American Express Platinum Card


        Points Content Contributor

        Jamie first got his hook on miles and points during a high school choir trip to Europe, where he flew in Lufthansa First Class (thanks to his dad’s then US Airways miles) because economy was sold out.

        Years later, he started The Forward Cabin blog to teach friends and family about miles and points and delve in deep to the inner workings of airline and hotel programs.

        He’s helped organize Frequent Traveler University, where’s he’s spoken in depth on the loyalty programs of Amtrak, American Airlines and Kimpton Hotels.

        Highlighting on his knowledge of airline customer experience, Jamie was featured in American Airlines’ “Elevate” training program presented to all employees in 2016 talking about the essentials to customer service.

        Among several media?spotlights,?he’s spoken at Princeton University, and the New York Times Travel Show, been quoted in The New York Times, Travel and Leisure Magazine, The New York Post, The Fiscal Times, Skift, Forbes, New York Magazine, and Condé Nast Traveler, been featured on CNN, written for InsideFlyer, Road Warrior Voices/USA Today,?1000TravelTips.com, the official content platform for the Travel and Adventure Shows, and makes occasional guest appearances?as a?featured expert discussing the travel industry on FOX News.

        Consulting projects include clients such as Executive Travel, OurBus, ZED Aerospace, PEX+, American Airlines, iVisa and DoNotPay Travel, among others.

        In 2018, he was awarded the highest honor for exceptional customer service for Washington Dulles International Airport.

        Jamie holds a B.S. in Political Science from the University of Mary Washington, and is a certified Advanced Life Support provider with the Commonwealth of Virginia. In his spare time, he volunteers as an emergency medical technician on an ambulance, leads community CPR and First Aid classes, and is on the Board of Directors of his local Rotary Club. His proudest accomplishment is earning the Eagle Scout award with the Boy Scouts of America.

        千元神机Countries Visited:千元神机?25
        千元神机U.S. States Visited:?千元神机35
        千元神机Highest Hotel Status:千元神机 Hyatt Globalist, Marriott Platinum
        千元神机Highest Airline Status:千元神机 American Airlines Executive Platinum
        千元神机Favorite First Class:千元神机?Qantas First Class (A380)
        千元神机Favorite Business Class:千元神机?Qantas Business Class (B747)
        千元神机Best Redemption Value:千元神机?4,500 British Airways Avios from Longreach to Brisbane Australia
        千元神机Favorite Redemption Points:千元神机?American Airlines AAdvantage Miles
        千元神机Top 3 Cards in Wallet:千元神机?Chase Sapphire Reserve, Platinum Card from American Express, Chase Hyatt Visa.


        Senior Content Contributor

        Born and raised in Mobile, Alabama, Michael took his first international trip in 2013 with friends to the Bahamas. Although he didn’t travel much in his younger years, on that trip, he caught the travel bug and has been hooked ever since.

        Michael first caught wind of the points and miles game in 2014 while at a bar in Washington, DC where the conversation amongst friends was quickly derailed because of an alert on a friend’s phone about a mistake fare.? That’s where the love affair with points and miles began.

        Michael’s first points and miles redemption was a trip to Southeast Asia where he flew Cathay Pacific from Newark to Bangkok (connecting through Hong Kong).

        By day, Michael works as a solar energy developer where he develops utility scale solar projects in the U.S. By night, Michael works as a Senior Points Contributor at UpgradedPoints and runs his travel blog Points With Q.

        At Upgraded Points, Michael specializes in points redemptions. He has vast knowledge of award programs and helps show readers how to receive the most value through booking award flights around the world.

        Follow along with Michael in Houston and on his travels on Twitter and Instagram.

        千元神机Countries Visited: 千元神机15千元神机
        U.S. States Visited:
        千元神机Highest Hotel Status: 千元神机Marriott Bonvoy Platinum
        千元神机Highest Airline Status: 千元神机American Airlines Gold
        千元神机Favorite Airline Alliance:千元神机 Star Alliance
        千元神机Favorite Business Class: 千元神机Delta One
        千元神机Best Redemption Value: 千元神机10.4 cents per point flying Delta One to Europe
        千元神机Favorite Type of Points:?千元神机Chase Ultimate Rewards
        千元神机Top 3 Cards in Wallet:?千元神机Chase Sapphire Reserve, American Express Blue Business Plus, Citi Premier


        Content Contributor

        Greg got bitten by the travel bug at a young age while traveling with his Dad on business trips to Asia. He took over the family business in 2012 and uses it to maximize his loyalty points earning.

        His obsession with earning and burning loyalty rewards points allows him to travel over 100 days every year, often in-style on some of the most coveted business and first class products.

        You can see more of Greg’s travels on Instagram.

        千元神机Countries Visited:千元神机 35
        千元神机U.S. States Visited: 千元神机9
        千元神机Highest Hotel Status:千元神机 Marriott Bonvoy Platinum Elite
        千元神机Highest Airline Status:千元神机 Virgin Australia Platinum
        千元神机Favorite Alliance:千元神机 I’m not aligned to any Alliance and, as such, this doesn’t dictate what airlines I fly. I prefer to share the love around to as many airlines as I can!
        千元神机Favorite First Class:千元神机 Singapore Airlines new Suites
        千元神机Favorite Business Class:千元神机 Qatar Airways Qsuites
        千元神机Best Redemption Value:千元神机 148,000 Kris Flyer Miles for a $15,000 flight in the new SQ suites
        千元神机Favorite Redemption Points:千元神机 American Express Membership Rewards
        千元神机Top 3 Cards in Wallet:千元神机 Amex Business Platinum, Amex Platinum, Amex Velocity (Australia)


        Content Contributor

        Cherag was born in a family associated with aviation and was hooked on to planes since the age of 3, the time he undertook his first flight on an Airbus A310 from Mumbai to Dubai.

        Based in Abu Dhabi, the London City University graduate is regularly seen on Instagram, travelling over 100K miles each year in First and Business Class while holding down a regular job.

        Cherag fuels his addiction of premium flying by maximizing the earning and redemption of credit card and frequent flyer points and fare hacks where mileage redemption is not available. You can follow Cherag on Instagram.

        千元神机Countries Visited:千元神机 57
        千元神机U.S States visited:千元神机 14
        千元神机Highest Hotel Status:千元神机 Hilton Honors Diamond; Marriott Bonvoy Platinum Elite; Discovery Loyalty BLACK
        千元神机Highest Airline Status:千元神机 KrisFlyer Elite Gold; Emirates Skywards Gold; Etihad Guest Gold
        千元神机Favorite First Class:千元神机 Solo Travel –? Emirates B777 Game Changer; Companion Travel – tie between the Etihad Airways A380 Apartment and the Singapore Airlines A380 New Suites
        千元神机Favorite Business Class:千元神机 Qatar Airways A350 QSuites
        千元神机Best Redemption Value:千元神机 JAL First Class HND – JFK
        千元神机Favorite Type of Points:千元神机 American Express Membership Rewards
        千元神机Top 3 Cards in Wallet:千元神机 The Platinum Card? from American Express; Emirates NBD SPG World Master Card and ADCB Etihad Guest Above Infinite Card


        Content Contributor

        Currently based in New York, Lindsey spent her childhood in Connecticut dreaming of far-off places. Her first flight was to Disney World at age 11. Her second flight was for a high school field trip to Italy, though travel as a career didn’t stick until she studied abroad in London during college and discovered the true power of her passport.

        Since then, she’s worked as a travel editor at Jetsetter and Travel + Leisure, where she reported on everything from gorilla trekking in Uganda to hot hotel openings in Singapore to, yes, Disney World.

        Back home, she lives with her husband and their two black cats, Minerva and Juno. Follow her travels on Instagram?and check out who else she writes for at?lindseytravels.com.

        千元神机Countries Visited:千元神机?24
        千元神机U.S. States Visited:?千元神机25
        千元神机Favorite Business Class:千元神机 Singapore Airlines (A350)
        千元神机Favorite Type of Points:千元神机 Chase Ultimate Rewards


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        It’s a dangerous world out there, and someone?needs to step up and protect us from online spam and intruders!

        Leo, our lab mix pup, decided to take on this highly important role (in exchange for a steady supply of his favorite peanut butter biscuits, of course).

        He’s our special little guy, a big member of the Miller family – and our head of security! ?

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