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        浙江广厦篮球Full Disclosure:浙江广厦篮球 We may receive financial compensation when you click on links and are approved for credit card products from our advertising partners. Opinions and product recommendations on this site are ours alone, and have not been influenced, reviewed or approved by the issuer. See our Advertiser Disclosure?for more details. We appreciate your support!

        U.P. Rating for American Express® Gold Card: ? The rating for this card has been determined by our own industry experts who know the in's and out's of credit card products. Bonuses, rewards as well as rates and fees are all taken into account. Compensation from the issuer does not affect our rating. We only recommend products we either use ourselves or endorse.

        Finding an everyday spending card that doubles as a?travel rewards card?and earns valuable Membership Rewards Points on all those purchases is a sweet yet productive combination.

        The American Express? Gold Card shines with strong earnings on everyday purchases at U.S. supermarkets and restaurants worldwide, a variety of ways to earn/redeem rewards, plenty of mid-tier travel benefits, perks, savings, and special offers. And this card does it all without a super-premium annual fee!

        Many premium travel rewards credit cards come with annual fees as high as $550. With those cards, you typically receive a package of corresponding premium travel benefits such as complimentary lounge access, Global Entry fee reimbursement, and even a large statement credit toward travel purchases.

        In contrast, you’ll find no-annual-fee travel rewards cards that offer minimal travel benefits and protections.

        The 浙江广厦篮球Amex Gold Card strikes a perfect balance浙江广厦篮球 with generous earning potential, plus enough perks, benefits, credits, and protections to improve your travel experience with an annual fee to match.

        Let’s dig a bit deeper into all the benefits the Amex Gold Card has to offer, and see why this card is quickly earning a place in the savvy consumer’s wallet.


        The Amex Gold Card has strengths as both an everyday earning card and a travel rewards card, since it has the earning elements for both and strong redemption value for the traveler.


        Let’s first take a look at the card’s generous earning potential.

        With this card, you’ll earn:

        • 浙江广厦篮球4 Membership Rewards Points per dollar spent?at restaurants worldwide浙江广厦篮球
        • 浙江广厦篮球4 Membership Rewards Points per dollar spent at U.S. supermarkets.?浙江广厦篮球Up to $25,000 in purchases per calendar year; after that, earn 1x.
        • 浙江广厦篮球3 Membership Rewards Points per dollar spent浙江广厦篮球 浙江广厦篮球on flights浙江广厦篮球 booked directly with the airline, as well as airfare booked through 浙江广厦篮球American Express Travel
        • 浙江广厦篮球1 Membership Rewards Point per dollar spent浙江广厦篮球 on all other purchases

        You can also earn a generous welcome bonus after meeting the spending requirements on the card.

        Membership Rewards points are valuable because they are flexible and can be redeemed in several different ways. Your Membership Rewards points also don’t expire as long as you have an active Membership Rewards-earning credit card open.

        You can read our expert guide to learn more about all the ways you can earn valuable Membership Rewards points.


        In addition to earning Membership Rewards points on your purchases, you’ll enjoy these benefits and credits.

        • 浙江广厦篮球Up to $120 per year浙江广厦篮球 statement credits (Up to $10 a month) at participating restaurants, which include GrubHub, Seamless, The Cheesecake Factory, Ruth’s Chris Steak House, and participating Shake Shack locations. Enrollment is required through your Amex portal.
        • 浙江广厦篮球$100 annual airline credit.浙江广厦篮球 Up to $100 in statement credits per calendar year for incidental fees with a selected airline.
        • 浙江广厦篮球$100 hotel credit浙江广厦篮球 with a 2-night stay at an American Express Hotel Collection property.

        浙江广厦篮球Bottom Line:?浙江广厦篮球The Amex Gold Card delivers hundreds of dollars of additional dining and travel benefits each year with high points-earning levels for everyday spending.?



        While the card does charge an annual fee, the earnings rate makes it easy to accumulate Amex points quickly. The value you receive for Membership Rewards points when redeemed for travel contributes to a very low break-even point for owning this card.

        For example, you would need to spend just $6,250 per year in 4% earning categories to offset the annual fee. This assumption is based on a conservative value of 1 cent per Membership Rewards point, but it’s possible to earn much more when transferring points to travel partners.

        浙江广厦篮球Bottom Line:?浙江广厦篮球U.S. supermarket spending alone can more than offset the cost of the annual fee, but the welcome bonus, additional earning potential in bonus categories, credits, and benefits can deliver value far beyond the cost.?


        With so many ways to earn Membership Rewards Points, they’ll add up quickly. Now, let’s take a look at the options available and the level of value you can expect when redeeming your points.


        The 浙江广厦篮球American Express Travel website is simply an online travel agency booking site similar to?浙江广厦篮球Orbitz or Kayak. However, since the portal caters to American Express cardholders, you’ll find their customer service exceptional.

        Below is the 浙江广厦篮球value of 10,000 Membership Rewards points浙江广厦篮球 when redeemed on the American Express Travel website.

        Redeem membership rewards points
        You receive the highest value for your Membership Rewards Points on Amex Travel when redeeming for flights instead of hotels, cruises, or vacation packages. Image Credit: Amex Travel

        Note that the best value for your Membership Rewards points is to use them for booking flights. There are fees for using American Express Travel, but these are minimal compared to the peace of mind that if something goes wrong during your trip, you’ll have their customer service team to help make it right.

        The fee for domestic flights is $6.99, or $10.99 for international flights.

        浙江广厦篮球Hot Tip:?浙江广厦篮球When you’re not using Membership Rewards points to book with American Express Travel, you’ll want to use your Amex Gold Card?to pay for your purchase — you’ll be earning 3 points per dollar spent!

        Everything you need to know about 浙江广厦篮球booking travel through the American Express Travel website can be found in our expert guide.


        British Airways plane at night
        Transfer your Membership Rewards points to any of 17 different airline transfer partners. Image Credit: Christine Krzyszton

        Having choices when it comes time to redeem your Membership Rewards points is a good thing! The value you receive for different redemption options, however, varies greatly. When redeeming your points for airline miles, you’ll notice that transfer ratios depend on the frequent flyer program you’re transferring points to.

        amex airline transfer partners
        Image Credit: American Express

        There are 17 different airline transfer partners:

        Amex Airline Transfer PartnerMin TransferTransfer Ratio
        (Amex > Partner)
        Transfer Time
        1,0001:1.62-12 days
        Air Canada1,0001:1Almost Instant
        Alitalia1,0001:1Almost Instant
        Aer Lingus1,0001:1Almost Instant
        ANA1,0001:13 days
        Avianca LifeMiles1,0001:1Almost instant
        British Airways
        1,0001:1Almost Instant
        Cathay Pacific1,0001:1Up to 1 Week
        Delta Air Lines1,0001:1Almost Instant
        EL AL1,00050:1Almost Instant
        Emirates1,0001:1Almost Instant
        Etihad Airways1,0001:1Almost Instant
        FlyingBlue AirFrance/KLM1,0001:1Almost Instant
        Hawaiian1,0001:1Almost Instant
        浙江广厦篮球Iberia1,0001:11-3 days
        JetBlue2501:0.8Almost Instant
        Qantas5001:1Almost Instant
        Singapore Airlines1,0001:11-2 days
        Virgin Atlantic1,0001:11-2 days

        You’ll find plenty of opportunities for good deals when transferring Membership Rewards points to airline partners.

        浙江广厦篮球Hot Tip: 浙江广厦篮球One sweet spot is transferring Membership Rewards points to British Airways for “Avios,” their term for redeemable frequent flyer miles. Their award chart is distance-based and offers some great opportunities for short-haul flights.

        For instance, outside of the U.S., flights that are 650 miles or less can cost as few as 4,000 Avios. You can actually build an open-jaw itinerary by flying into one city, returning from another, and using short-haul flights to journey between them.

        If you’d rather fly in premium class, consider transferring your Membership Rewards points to the Singapore Airlines Krisflyer program and booking with a domestic airline partner such as United Airlines. Both airlines are partner members of the Star Alliance, but United Airlines charges less for some business and first class award tickets.

        浙江广厦篮球Bottom Line:?浙江广厦篮球Airline partners within the same alliance can charge different amounts for award flights on the same route. Check award charts on partner airlines within the same alliance to find the best award ticket pricing. Utilize that airline’s frequent flyer program for your Membership Rewards points transfer to make your points go further!


        Hilton Hotel Berlin at night
        Hilton is one of the Membership Rewards hotel transfer partners. Image Credit: Christine Krzyszton

        In addition to transferring your Membership Rewards points to airline partners, you have the option to transfer them to your choice of 3 hotel loyalty programs.

        Amex Hotel Transfer PartnerMin TransferTransfer Ratio
        (Amex > Partner)
        Transfer Time
        Choice Privileges1,0001:1Almost Instant
        Hilton Honors1,0001:2Almost Instant
        Marriott Bonvoy1,0001:1Almost Instant

        Transferring Membership Rewards points to hotel loyalty programs is not always a good value. However, knowing there are some gems to be found can make the treasure hunt worthwhile.

        浙江广厦篮球Hot Tip:?浙江广厦篮球Always check the hotel transfer partner’s website for opportunities where the cash cost of the room is high but point redemption options are relatively low. When you find this combination (and you will!), it can yield good value when transferring your Membership Rewards points to that hotel partner.?

        Before transferring any Membership Rewards points to airline or hotel partners, you’ll want to be sure you have an active frequent flyer or hotel loyalty account with the program where you want the miles or points to end up.

        You’ll also want to allow time for the points to transfer into the loyalty program. Some transfers happen nearly instantly, while others take a few days or more.

        One of our experts has put together a strong collection of the best ways to redeem Membership Rewards points, including some creative Choice Hotel program suggestions. You’ll also find a vast selection of airline transfer partner sweet spots on the list that will help make your Membership Rewards points go further.

        浙江广厦篮球Bottom Line:?浙江广厦篮球It is possible to get substantially more than 1 cent of value per Membership Rewards point when transferring your points to travel partners. However, note that once you transfer to any of these partners, the transfer cannot be reversed!


        When you choose to redeem your points for travel, gift cards, merchandise, statement credits, services, or donate to charity, Membership Rewards points can be worth anywhere from .5 cents to 1.0 cent per point.

        浙江广厦篮球Redemption Option浙江广厦篮球浙江广厦篮球The Value of 10k Membership Rewards Points浙江广厦篮球
        Select retailers: Amazon, Best Buy, Newegg, Staples, Boxed, Seamless, Rite Aid, and Amex Express Checkout$70
        浙江广厦篮球Select Gift Cards浙江广厦篮球浙江广厦篮球up to $100浙江广厦篮球
        Ticketmaster? or AXS$50
        浙江广厦篮球?Donate to Charity with MembersGive浙江广厦篮球?浙江广厦篮球$100浙江广厦篮球 up to 500,000 points per year; $50 above 500,000
        Prepaid hotels, vacations, cruises, booked with Amex Travel?$70
        浙江广厦篮球浙江广厦篮球Flights booked with浙江广厦篮球 Am浙江广厦篮球ex浙江广厦篮球 Travel浙江广厦篮球浙江广厦篮球$100浙江广厦篮球
        浙江广厦篮球?New York City Taxi Fares浙江广厦篮球浙江广厦篮球$100浙江广厦篮球
        ?Statement Credit?$60
        Amex Shopping Mall Portal$50

        Let’s look at the redemption options that deliver the best value on the chart of 1 cent per point. Booking flights with American Express Travel, certain gift cards, NYC taxis, and charitable donations through the American Express MembersGive program all offer value of 1 cent per point.

        浙江广厦篮球Booking Flights Through American Express Travel浙江广厦篮球

        Amex Travel is similar to other online travel agencies like 浙江广厦篮球Orbitz. You select the flights you want and pay for them with Membership Rewards points, cash, or a combination of points and cash. You’ll receive 1 cent per Membership Rewards point when booking flights, which is among the best values for your points.

        However, American Express Travel charges fees: $6.99 per domestic airline ticket and $10.99 per international ticket.

        Gift cards
        You’ll have a vast selection of gift card redemption options, but some deliver less value than others. Image Credit: Amex Travel

        浙江广厦篮球Redeeming for Select Gift Cards浙江广厦篮球

        Realizing a full 1 cent in value for your Membership Rewards points is easy when you redeem your points for select gift cards — you’ll find dozens of $100 gift cards available for 10,000 Membership Rewards points.

        Gift card categories include Air/Lodging, American Express, Car/Rail, Dining, Experience, and Retail.

        Unfortunately, the category that allows you to redeem your Membership Rewards points for American Express gift cards is a poor choice, as you’ll receive only .5 cents in value per point.

        You can view a complete list of gift cards available on the Membership Rewards website (even if you don’t have a Membership Rewards-earning credit card yet).

        浙江广厦篮球Paying for NYC Taxis浙江广厦篮球

        You’ll receive a value of 1 cent per point when using your Amex Gold Card for rides in New York City taxis.

        American Express has arranged to allow cardholders to use Membership Rewards points when paying for VeriFone and CMT-enabled taxis in New York City. You’ll be prompted on the payment screen within the taxi to use points to pay for your fare.

        浙江广厦篮球Making a Charitable Donation浙江广厦篮球

        American Express offers charitable giving via their MembersGive program. You’ll receive a value of 1 cent per Membership Reward point for donations up to 500,000 points in a calendar year. Above 500,000 points, the value decreases to .5 cent each.

        浙江广厦篮球Hot Tip:?浙江广厦篮球Using a value of 1 cent per Membership Rewards point as a guideline helps you determine whether you’re getting a good redemption value for your points.?



        Enjoy a statement credit of up to $100 per calendar year for incidental airline fees. Prior to claiming the credit, the cardholder must designate a specific qualifying airline. This can be done online or by calling the number on the back of the credit card. Once that airline has been selected, it can only be changed once each year in January.

        This process may seem a bit cumbersome, but you’re rewarded with a $100 credit toward typical incidental airline fees charged on your card, such as baggage fees and separate charges for seat upgrades.


        Book your prepaid hotel with American Express Travel — if you find the same room for a lower price before taxes/fees, you’ll receive a refund for the difference.


        Use your Amex Gold Card to reserve and pay for your entire car rental, decline the rental car company’s collision damage waiver, and you’ll be covered if the car is stolen or damaged.

        Rental vehicles are covered for the first 30 consecutive days with protection that?will pay 浙江广厦篮球up to a maximum of $50,000 for repair or replacement浙江广厦篮球 of the vehicle. Restrictions apply as some vehicle types are not covered, and the coverage is secondary to your own personal coverage.

        For a complete description of the rental loss and damage coverage, access the?American Express? Gold Card benefits guide to this coverage.


        Having access to 24/7 medical, legal, financial, or emergency assistance services when traveling more than 100 miles from home can save the day. Examples of these worldwide services include passport replacement, wiring money, and assistance with lost luggage. (Note that the cardholder is responsible for any costs charged by the service providers.)


        Never worry about lost, damaged, or stolen luggage when you purchase your plane, train, ship, or bus ticket with your Amex Gold Card. Coverage is provided for up to $1,250 for carry-on baggage and $500 for checked baggage. Limits, exclusions, and restrictions apply.


        Hotel room with welcome amenity
        Book a 2-night stay at The Hotel Collection properties and receive a $100 credit to spend at the hotel. Image Credit: Christine Krzyszton


        Cardholders of the American Express? Gold Card will enjoy an elevated travel experience when booking a 2-night stay at properties included in The Hotel Collection.

        Hotel Collection
        Image Credit: American Express
        • Upgraded room at check-in, when available
        • 浙江广厦篮球$100 credit to use at the hotel浙江广厦篮球
        • Ability to pay with points
        • Double points for prepaid bookings

        Cardholders must book a minimum of 2 consecutive nights and pay with their card or Membership Rewards Points. The $100 credit can be used toward food, beverages, spa, resort activities, and other eligible expenses and will be applied at check out.

        You can book up to 3 rooms per stay through American Express Travel or The Hotel Collection website. One $100 credit is applied per room per 2-night stay, so 浙江广厦篮球your total credit could be a total of $225 if booking 3 rooms浙江广厦篮球.

        Additionally, when you pay for your room with your Amex Gold Card, you’ll receive double Membership Rewards points! That’s 3 points for every dollar spent.

        Keep in mind that booking through any third party (including Amex Travel) versus booking directly on the hotel’s website can result in not receiving your elite benefits or stay credit in the hotel’s loyalty program.

        浙江广厦篮球Hot Tip:?浙江广厦篮球Cardholders can enjoy unlimited savings since the $100 hotel credit can be used each time you book a 2-night stay at The Hotel Collection properties. This is an especially good value; there are plenty of hotels in The Hotel Collection that are conservatively priced (not just high-end expensive properties).?


        One call gives you expert advice and personalized travel services. You can get assistance with flights, hotel bookings, and ground transportation, though fees do apply for flight bookings.



        You’ll feel like a VIP with exclusive access and advance notice for shows, concerts, and sporting events near you. You’ll also get invited to cardmember-only events.


        Receive access to premium seating at select cultural and sporting events when available.



        Believe it or not, some American Express cardholders aren’t aware of Amex Offers — but they should be! Amex Offers can save you hundreds of dollars a year or more.

        Amex Offers
        A list of Amex Offers is available when you log in to your credit card account online. Image Credit: American Express

        Once you’ve logged in to your account online, you’ll find the Amex Offers and Benefits listed below your account information and current summary. Just add the offer you think you might use to your card by clicking the “Add to Card” button.

        When you use your card at that merchant, the offer will automatically be applied as a statement credit.

        Amex Offers can be quite lucrative! Previous offers have included $75 back for spending $75 or more at AT&T, and an offer for 10% back on every Sams Club purchase (the Sam’s Club offer didn’t exclude gift cards either).

        浙江广厦篮球Hot Tip:?浙江广厦篮球Adding Amex Offers to one of your American Express cards can eliminate it from the list of your Amex offers for different cards. Be sure to review the offers on each card so you’ll add the best offers to your desired cards!


        ShopRunner is all about taking the hassle out of online shopping by providing free 2-day shipping and easy free returns. There are about 140 stores represented, and members receive ongoing special offers.

        Just log in to the ShopRunner website before shopping at your favorite retailer to receive the benefits of free shipping and returns.

        A normal ShopRunner membership costs $79 per year, but it’s included free as a perk on dozens of credit cards. Fortunately, your Amex Gold Card is one of them!

        You’ll need to enroll in the service once you receive your credit card.

        Car Rental
        Save money on your next car purchase with American Express Auto Purchasing Program. Image Credit: Shutterstock


        The American Express Auto Purchasing Program is a sleeper — you don’t hear much about it, but it can save you plenty and give you peace of mind when you’re shopping for a vehicle!

        First, you’ll get to see what others paid for the car you want. How valuable is that?! You’ll also get a guaranteed savings certificate so you know what you’ll be saving even before you visit a dealership.

        If you purchase your vehicle at one of the selected certified dealers, you can use your Amex Gold Card to cover at least 浙江广厦篮球$2,000 of the purchase price浙江广厦篮球; some dealers will allow you to charge even more.


        Eligible purchases are protected when accidentally damaged, stolen, or lost. Purchase protection provides coverage for eligible items purchased within the past 90 days, and can even include coverage for your cell phone.

        There is a 浙江广厦篮球$10,000 limit per occurrence浙江广厦篮球 and a $50,000 limit per calendar year.

        Cell Phone Protection
        Even your cell phone is protected when you use your Amex Gold Card for the purchase. Image Credit: Shutterstock.com


        Warranties always seem to expire just when you need them. With extended warranty coverage, you’ll receive up to 1 additional year of warranty coverage for eligible purchases that have a U.S. manufacturer’s warranty of 5 years or less.

        Coverage is limited to the amount you charged on your Amex Gold Card, and only 浙江广厦篮球up to $10,000 per item浙江广厦篮球 (maximum $50,000 per year).



        Cardholders can be pre-approved for loans between $3,500 and $40,000. These personal loans come with no origination fee or pre-payment penalty and have fixed rates as low as 6.98%. There’s also no credit score impact to apply.


        Whether it’s replacing a lost card or simply asking a billing question, you can talk to a representative and get assistance 24/7.


        Get fraud alerts, find offers near you, and manage your account no matter where you happen to be with the Amex mobile app.


        Download the annual summary of your account to keep track and manage all of your expenses.


        The Amex Gold Card is a clear winner with strong rewards in the dining category! Consider the same level of 浙江广厦篮球rewards for grocery and supermarket purchases, and you’ve got an everyday spending card with serious earning potential.

        Plus, if you’re a traveler, you’ll enjoy the fact that the card earns 3 Membership Rewards Points per dollar for flights purchased with the airline and with American Express Travel. Add in the stellar redemption options for travel, and we see this card can function as both an everyday spending card and a travel rewards card.

        If you’re put off by the high annual fees of most premium travel rewards cards and fewer benefits/earnings on many cards that don’t carry an annual fee, you might find a happy medium with the Amex Gold Card.

        I wouldn’t struggle with this annual fee either, since most people’s yearly supermarket spending alone would easily earn enough rewards to offset its cost.

        Having access to flexible reward redemption options offers a lot of value as well. Perhaps you need to top off your frequent flyer account and book a last-minute award ticket, or you choose to redeem your rewards for a Home Depot gift card to take care of that unexpected home repair. You have that option here.

        For everyday spending and travel rewards you’ll use, you’ll find plenty of value in this mid-tier travel rewards card!

        For rates and fees of the American Express? Gold Card, click here.



        Since the Amex Gold Card is a charge card and not a credit card, you will be required to pay off the balance each statement period. For that reason, there is no interest rate on the card.


        To receive ongoing benefits that exceed the annual fee, you’ll need to be spending in purchase categories that multiply the points you earn: flights, restaurants worldwide, and U.S. supermarkets. If you’re doing that and taking advantage of the airline fee credit, Amex offers, and other value-added benefits, this card is worth far more than the annual fee.


        To receive up to $100 credit each calendar year for incidental airline fees (such as baggage fees), you must first select a specific airline. You can do that by signing in to your account and choosing an airline. You can change the designated airline once a year in January.

        You will receive a statement credit in 2-4 weeks after you have charged the incidental airline fee on your American Express Gold Card. Note that the fee must be charged separately from the airline ticket.


        No. Once a transfer request has been processed, it cannot be reversed.


        Cardholders may qualify for special options that allow them to pay off balances over time, but you must apply for these programs and be approved by American Express. The pay-over-time options charge interest and can incur late fees/penalties.


        How much your points are worth will depend on your redemption choice. Generally, you will find redemption options that result in a value between .5 cent and 1 cent per Membership Rewards point. However, there are some redemption options (such as specific transfers to airline and hotel partners) where you can exceed the 1 cent per point value.


        While you can’t receive cash-back in the form of a check in the mail or money in your bank account, you can redeem your Membership Rewards points for statement credits at the rate of .6 cents per point. A redemption of 10,000 points would equal a $60 statement credit. That said, it is not the best value for your points.


        As long as you have at least 1 active Membership Rewards-earning credit card open, your points do not expire.

        Christine Krzyszton


        Christine, who lives in Northern Michigan, travels about 300,000 miles a year despite her remote location.?Her expertise is traveling the world on a weekend with no pre-determined destination in mind, letting the cost of the airfare determine where she will go. She has over four million flown miles and elite status on all three major domestic carriers.

        浙江广厦篮球Disclaimer:浙江广厦篮球 Any comments listed below are not from the bank advertiser, nor have they been reviewed or approved by them. No responsibility will be taken by the bank advertiser for these comments.


        1. Jake浙江广厦篮球 March 3, 2019

          It looks like AMEX Gold has limited their 4x on restaurants and groceries by using the top two categories that include these and electronics and travel. So if travel is your highest pay category, you will only get 4x on one of the next highest or no 4x bonuses if say electronics are the second highest. These new rules were just mailed to me a week ago.

          AMEX seems to like to confuse its members with all sorts of convoluted limitations – especially when applying for new cards and getting/keeping the signup bonus.


        2. mark french浙江广厦篮球 March 7, 2019

          Don’t know if I want to sign up for another $250.00 next year; not sure that it’s good for me. I need to know what other ways go without the yearly fee. Thanks.


        3. GENE Selke浙江广厦篮球 June 1, 2019

          I have the Gold Card and a Skymiles card. I use the Skymiles card exclusively for travel and purchases. Is there any reason to keep both?


          • Hello Gene and thanks for the question. I don’t know your spending habits or travel preferences but the Gold Card is great for everyday purchases such as dining out and purchases at grocery stores where you earn 4X Membership Rewards. You will also earn 3X Membership Rewards points on airline tickets booked directly with any airline. Depending on the card, making these purchases with the SkyMiles-branded card earns just 1 mile per dollar spent other than Delta flights where you earn 2 miles per dollar. Also, the miles you earn on the SkyMiles card are not transferable or flexible as you can only redeem them on Delta and Delta partner airlines. Membership Rewards earned on the Gold Card can be used to purchase travel on any airline. You also receive $100 statement credit for airline incidental fees.


        4. Dylan浙江广厦篮球 July 7, 2019

          So is the AMEX Gold Hotel Collection Credit $100 or $75?


        5. monthlymale浙江广厦篮球 August 13, 2019

          Thanks for the comprehensive guide. I like the benefits offered by Amex and would get the Platinum Card.


        6. KATHLEEN NOLL浙江广厦篮球 October 4, 2019

          I purchased a gazebo from Costco and now it is on sale for $300 less. Can I get a rebate?


        7. Tochukwu浙江广厦篮球 October 27, 2019

          Hi there, what income range is sufficient to be approved the Amex gold?


        8. George Smith浙江广厦篮球 March 4, 2020

          I have purchased flights on Malaysian Airlines with my card. These were return flights in economy between Kuala Lumpur and Ho Chi Minh City.

          A few days before the flights were due to leave from KUL, Malaysian changed the day and time of the outward flight, which meant that the trip was no longer of the use for what was originally intended. I refused the new dates and times, but Malaysian have refused to refund the fare. They claim that this is within their terms and conditions, which were not presented when flights were booked.

          Does Amex provide any insurance for this kind of loss? The amount is GBP226.00.

          Thank you



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