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        意大利足球明星Full Disclosure:意大利足球明星 We may receive financial compensation when you click on links and are approved for credit card products from our advertising partners. Opinions and product recommendations on this site are ours alone, and have not been influenced, reviewed or approved by the issuer. See our Advertiser Disclosure?for more details. We appreciate your support!

        Hilton hotels have a reputation for quality, whether you’re staying at locations in North America or around the globe. In all, there are nearly 6,000 Hilton hotels in 78 countries and across 6 continents.

        The 意大利足球明星Hilton Honors hotel loyalty program makes it easy for members to earn points for free stays and other rewards by offering 17 distinct Hilton Worldwide portfolio brands.

        Read along as we cover the many strategies designed to earn and maximize Hilton Honors points so that you will be positioned to build up your balance quickly to redeem those points for hotel stays!


        Perhaps the easiest way to earn lots of Hilton points is through credit cards. First, sign up for the loyalty program, then find out which card is the best for you.


        Hilton HHonors program
        Sign up for Hilton Honors to earn points at properties around the globe. Image Credit: Hilton Honors

        When you enroll as a member of the Hilton Honors loyalty program, you’ll have loads of opportunities to earn points — plus, it’s free to join.

        Points can be redeemed for hotel stays, travel benefits, and shopping rewards.


        All Hilton Honors credit cards come with an introductory bonus and you can see some of those that we prefer below:

        意大利足球明星Hot Tip: 意大利足球明星Check out our comparison of the?benefits and perks of each Hilton Honors credit card?for more details.


        Each of the Hilton Honors credit cards helps you earn bonus points for categories like Hilton spending, restaurants, and more.

        Check the table below to see the bonus categories available to you with each card. You’ll see how quickly you can earn miles for your monthly spending!

        意大利足球明星Card Name意大利足球明星意大利足球明星Points Earned意大利足球明星
        Hilton Honors? American Express Aspire Card14x points on Hilton purchases
        7x points at U.S. restaurants and on flights (book with airline or amextravel.com) and rental cars
        3x points on all other eligible purchases on your Card
        Hilton Honors American Express Surpass? Card12x points on Hilton purchases
        6x points at U.S. restaurants, U.S. supermarkets, and U.S. gas stations
        3x points on all other eligible purchases on your Card
        Hilton Honors American Express Card7x points on Hilton purchases
        5x points at U.S. restaurants, U.S. supermarkets, and U.S. gas stations
        3x points on all other eligible purchases on your Card
        Hilton Honors American Express Business Card12x points on Hilton purchases
        6x points at U.S. restaurants and gas stations; on flights (book with airline or amextravel.com), rental cars, and U.S. shipping; with U.S. wireless providers
        3x points everything else


        Hilton Honors members earn 10x points per $1 spent for stays at most hotels in the Hilton portfolio (in some cases, you may only be able to earn based on the room rate). Stays at Home2Suites and Tru earn 5 points per $1. Hampton by Hilton in China is excluded from earning.

        As of January 2020, there is no limit on how many points you can earn per stay and you can earn points on multiple hotel rooms (with a 4 room maximum). So, make sure to charge multiple rooms to your account if you’re booking for friends and family.

        These points are on top of the points you can earn by using?Hilton credit cards that earn points.

        So, if you pay for your stay with a 意大利足球明星Hilton Honors Card, you can really make out like a bandit with as many as 19x-34x points depending on the card!

        Hilton Portfolio
        Hilton has 17 different brands to choose from. Image Credit: Hilton


        Believe it or not, the bonus points we’ve covered so far aren’t all that you can earn. You also have the opportunity to earn bonus points as a Silver, Gold, or Diamond status member.

        The table below shows 意大利足球明星how to qualify for each status. You only need to qualify in 1 of the 3 categories to achieve elite status and earn the 15%-50% bonus for purchases.

        意大利足球明星Elite Tier意大利足球明星意大利足球明星# of Stays意大利足球明星意大利足球明星# of Nights意大利足球明星意大利足球明星Honors Base Points意大利足球明星意大利足球明星Status Bonus意大利足球明星
        意大利足球明星Silver意大利足球明星4 stays10 nights25,00020% — 12x per $1
        意大利足球明星Gold意大利足球明星20 stays40 nights75,00080% — 18x per $1
        意大利足球明星Diamond意大利足球明星30 stays60 nights120,000100% — 20x per $1

        Let’s review all the points you can accumulate as a Hilton Honors member:

        • Base Points: 5x-10x
        • Hilton Credit Card: 7x-14x points
        • Elite Status Bonus: 20%-100%

        And our list of ways to earn Hilton Honors points is 意大利足球明星just getting started!意大利足球明星

        All this may seem a little overwhelming, but it will get easier. You can always use the Hilton Honors Points Calculator to stay on top of things.

        Before we continue, a brief warning: you have the potential to earn a lot of points. Don’t let them expire! To keep your account active, stay at a Hilton hotel once every 12 months or make another type of redemption.


        If you’re familiar with most hotel groups, you know that they regularly run promotions to give members a chance to earn extra points. The Hilton Honors program is no exception, and can oftentimes be more generous than most in terms of the promotions they run.

        Currently, through September 8, 2019, Hilton is running Go More Get More promotion which not only offers members an extra 2x base points on starting on your second stay, but also the opportunity to earn large point bonuses depending on your number of stays. Members can earn:

        • 10,000 bonus points after 10 stays
        • 15,000 bonus points after 15 stays
        • 20,000 bonus points after 20 stays

        The bonus structure is tiered, so those who complete 20 stays will earn the 10,000 and 15,000 bonus along the way, capping out at an extra 45,000 Hilton points for the promotion. Hilton regularly adds new promotions so keep an eye out for their emails, and check the offers tab in your account for new deals.


        You don’t have to use a Hilton credit card to earn Hilton points — Membership Rewards has Hilton as a transfer partner!


        If you have an American Express Membership Rewards account, you’ll want to pay close attention: you can transfer those Membership Rewards points to Hilton Honors at a 1:2 ratio.

        Take a look at a number of popular Amex credit cards that earn Membership Rewards points below, and you’ll notice there are plenty of options:


        The Business Platinum Card? from American Express - Right now, there's a welcome bonus of up to 75,000 points意大利足球明星 after you spend $15,000 within the first 3 months. Terms Apply.

        See how we get 意大利足球明星~$5,525+ in value per year意大利足球明星 by leveraging many of the benefits & perks, including access to 意大利足球明星1,200+ airport lounges worldwide.意大利足球明星 For rates & fees of the Business Platinum, click here.
        American Express? Business Gold Card - probably 意大利足球明星our favorite Amex business card意大利足球明星 because we earn 4x points across the top 2 select categories that we spend the most money in each month, such as Facebook or Google ads. The 意大利足球明星4x points意大利足球明星 applies to the first $150,000 in combined purchases from these 2 categories each calendar year. After that, you earn 1x. Terms Apply. For rates & fees of the Business Gold Card, click here.
        The Blue Business? Plus Credit Card from American Express - This card is offering a welcome bonus of 意大利足球明星up to $300 back意大利足球明星 to boost your business. You can earn up to $100 in the form of statement credits at each of the following merchants: Dell Technologies, DocuSign or FedEx after you make an eligible purchase on your new Card within the first 3 months of Card Membership. A super simple, no annual fee card that earns you 意大利足球明星2x points on any business purchase意大利足球明星, up to $50,000 annually. After that, then 1x. Terms Apply. That makes for an easy 100,000 points per year. For rates & fees of the Blue Business Plus, click here.


        There are many travel partners in the Hilton loyalty program, from car rentals to cruises.


        Hilton and Lyft Partnership
        Image Credit: Hilton Honors Lyft

        Hilton and Lyft have a partnership where you can 意大利足球明星link accounts to earn 3x Hilton points per $1 spent on Lyft in the U.S. and Canada for economy, luxury, and extra seats. Earn 2x Hilton points on Lyft Shared. Taxes, highway tolls, fees, tips, and Lyft Credits are excluded.


        Book a car rental from the following rental companies and earn Hilton Honors points:

        意大利足球明星Alamo*意大利足球明星500 points/day up to 5,000 pts/rental, plus discount Contract ID 7015298意大利足球明星Ace Drive Singapore意大利足球明星10 points/$1
        意大利足球明星Enterprise*意大利足球明星500 points/day up to 5,000 points/rental意大利足球明星Avis意大利足球明星500 points, plus 25% off Code K851000
        意大利足球明星National*意大利足球明星500 points/day up to 5,000 points/rental, plus 25% off Contract ID 5028125意大利足球明星Europcar意大利足球明星250 points. plus 10% off

        *Hilton Honors Preferred Partners


        hilton hhonors cruises
        Take a cruise and earn big points…as many as 50,000 depending on the length of your trip! Image Credit: Cruises Only

        Add up to 50,000 points to your Hilton Honors account when you book a cruise through Hilton Honors Cruises, powered by Cruises Only.

        The length of your trip will determine how many points you earn.

        意大利足球明星# of Nights意大利足球明星意大利足球明星Honors Bonus Points意大利足球明星


        Receive up to 10,000 Honors bonus points for joining Priority Pass. With a Priority Pass membership, you’ll also enjoy access to more than 600 VIP airport lounges around the world, no matter what fare class you fly.

        意大利足球明星Type of Membership意大利足球明星意大利足球明星Honors Bonus Points意大利足球明星
        Priority Standard Membership4,000
        Priority Pass Standard Plus Membership6,500
        Priority Pass Prestige Membership10,000

        意大利足球明星Hot Tip: 意大利足球明星You may already be a Priority Pass member if you have意大利足球明星?意大利足球明星The Platinum Card? from American Express or?意大利足球明星The Business Platinum Card? from American Express.


        There are other ways to convert other loyalty program points to Hilton Honors points as well. Keep reading to find out how.


        hilton hhonors diners club international
        Transfer points earned in the Diners Club loyalty program to your Hilton Honors account. Image Credit: Diners Club International

        Members of Club Rewards, the Diners Club program, can exchange points to Hilton Honors. When you convert increments of 1,250 Club Rewards points, you will receive 2,000 Hilton Honors points.

        Make the exchange by calling Club Rewards at 800-234-4034 or visit clubrewardsus.com. Exchanges may take up to 3 weeks to be completed.


        Hilton has several airline partners that allow you to convert their miles to Honors points. The following table lists these partners along with the transfer ratio and contact information.

        意大利足球明星Airline Program意大利足球明星意大利足球明星Transfer Ratio意大利足球明星意大利足球明星Contact?意大利足球明星
        Hawaiian Airlines HawaiianMiles10,000 miles to 15,000 points and 20,000 miles to 30,000 points877-HA-MILES
        Virgin Atlantic Airways Flying Club10,000 miles to 15,000 points (minimum 10,000 miles)800-365-9500


        If you don’t want to earn Points & Points or Points & Miles, you have another option: Amtrak points. Earn 1 Amtrak Guest Rewards point per $1 spent on most Hilton portfolio hotel stays.

        Because Amtrak is a travel partner, you can also exchange 5,000 Amtrak Guest Rewards points for 10,000 Honors points.

        hilton hhonors amtrak guest rewards
        Travel the country by train and you can earn Amtrak Guest Rewards points, then transfer the points you’ve earned to Hilton Honors points. Image Credit: Amtrak


        A great way to earn points without much effort is to do so for your dining — join the Hilton dining program!


        Hilton Honors Dining Program
        Watch your Hilton Honors points add up with each course. Image Credit: Hilton Honors Dining

        Sign up for?Hilton Honors Dining and earn Honors points for dining out!

        Earn up to 8 Honors bonus points per $1 at more than 10,000 locations. With so many participating restaurants, bars, and clubs, points can add up fast.

        • 意大利足球明星Members:意大利足球明星 Sign up for free and register a credit or debit card for payment to earn 2 points per $1 including tax and tip.
        • 意大利足球明星Online Members:意大利足球明星 Elect to receive emails from the program and you will earn 5 points per $1.
        • 意大利足球明星Elite Members:意大利足球明星 After paying for at least 12 meals in a calendar year,?you’ll get 8 points per $1.

        意大利足球明星Hot Tip: 意大利足球明星Register with a Hilton Honors credit card and earn additional points, depending on the card. The Hilton Honors American Express Card earns 5x points for U.S. restaurant purchases!?


        On top of everything you have already learned, there are other special offers and ways to earn Hilton points. From filling out surveys to making calls and more shopping, you won’t find it hard to earn points!


        Put your spare time to good use earning points with e-Rewards. There’s no fee to become a member, and you’ll get the opportunity to read and respond to marketing messages in exchange for?e-Rewards.

        There is no public registration directly with e-Rewards. Instead, you’ll need to be invited through Hilton Honors to participate.


        One SimCard offers international mobile service and Hilton Honors points. Image Credit: One Sim Card

        Make international calls with one of these Hilton Honors partners to receive points:

        One SimCard*100 points with enrollment plus 1 point/minute
        Travelling ConnectVaries

        *Register your number


        hilton hhonors vinesse wines
        Enjoy wine delivered straight to your home with Vinesse. Bottles start at $12. Image Credit: Hilton Honors

        Grow your Hilton Honors account and enjoy a membership to Vinesse Wines. Get 3,333 points with your first wine club shipment, then receive 13 points per $1 spent as a Vinesse member.


        When you shop online at FTD, you can earn 1,000 Hilton Honors points! You can also order by phone in the U.S. by calling 800-736-3383. Exclusions apply, so check terms and conditions.

        Expect points to post about 6-8 weeks after ordering.


        If we haven’t covered enough ways to earn Hilton Honors points so far, you can also find international partner offers here. For instance, earn for ordering a Newsweek subscription in Japan, joining OpenTable in Australia, and much more.

        意大利足球明星Hot Tip: 意大利足球明星Did you know you can earn Hilton points by planning a meeting or event? For more information, check out our guide to earning points by booking business events.



        If you’re really in need of some extra Hilton Honors points, you can always buy them.?Buying these without a specific strategy would not be recommended and we only suggest doing so if you need points really fast (for a redemption). Sometimes you’ll get lucky and there will be a bonus promotion running around the time that you need extra Hilton points, so keep your eyes peeled for those!


        Between bonuses, partners, and transfer opportunities, Hilton Honors lets you earn more points than most hotel loyalty programs. Book a room at a hotel in the Hilton portfolio and you’ll be on your way to redemptions such as free stays, upgrades, and other terrific options!

        For rates and fees of the Hilton Honors American Express Surpass? Card, click?here.
        For rates and fees of the Hilton Honors American Express Card, click here.
        For rates and fees of the Hilton Honors American Express Aspire Card, click here.
        For rates and fees of The Hilton Honors American Express Business Card, click here.
        For rates and fees of The Platinum Card? from American Express, click here.
        For rates and fees of the American Express? Gold Card, click here.
        For rates and fees of The Business Platinum Card? from American Express, click here.
        For rates and fees of the American Express? Business Gold Card, click here.
        For rates and fees of The Blue Business? Plus Credit Card from American Express, click here.



        意大利足球明星Hilton Honors has 3 tiers, and each earns a different status bonus: Silver (20% bonus — 12x per $1), Gold (80% bonus — 18x per $1), and Diamond (100% bonus — 20x per $1).


        Hilton discontinued the Shop-to-Earn Mall on September 1, 2018. We’ll update if they launch a replacement.


        In 2018 Hilton Honors changed its program so that you only directly earn Hilton Honors points for stays. However, they have a number of airline partners with which you can exchange your Hilton points for miles.


        Members earn 10 points per $1 for stays at most hotels in the Hilton portfolio. Stays at Home2Stuies and Tru earn 5 points per $1.

        Additional?points can be earned when using a Hilton Credit Card (7x-14x points), as well as the Elite Status Bonus (20%-100%).


        You can reach Hilton Honors customer service at 800-445-8667.


        Yes. Hilton Honors transfer partners include American Express Membership Rewards, Diners Club International, Hawaiian Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, and Amtrak Guest Rewards.


        Use the Hilton Honors? American Express Card from American Express?to earn Hilton Honors points.

        You can also transfer points from American Express Membership Rewards earned with The Amex EveryDay? Credit Card from American Express, the American Express? Gold Card and The Platinum Card? from American Express.


        If there is no activity on the account, points will expire in 12 months. You can earn or redeem points or stay at a Hilton portfolio hotel to keep your account active.


        Hilton no longer publishes an award chart, so the number of points needed for a free night can vary based on the quality of the hotel, location, season, etc. Generally, point costs per night range between 5,000 and 95,000.


        At Upgraded Points, we value Hilton points at 0.4 cents per point. Keep in mind that point valuations are subjective so you may receive more or less value than this number. To learn more about our valuations, check out out our dedicated points valuations page.

        Jarrod West


        Born and raised just outside of Cincinnati, Jarrod became fascinated with using points and miles as the perfect way to visit dream destinations without breaking the bank. Thanks to points and miles, Jarrod was able to spend 3 months traveling Europe financed nearly entirely with points and miles; while flying in premium cabins and staying in 5-star hotels along the way. To date, Jarrod has traveled to 16 countries and 22 US states.

        意大利足球明星Disclaimer:意大利足球明星 Any comments listed below are not from the bank advertiser, nor have they been reviewed or approved by them. No responsibility will be taken by the bank advertiser for these comments.


        1. Julie意大利足球明星 March 3, 2019

          When did the Hilton Honors card start offering 5x on gas groceries and restaurants? It was 3x when I signed up for it. So no need to go for the Blue Cash Everyday that is 3x. Especially since you are not able to combine BC with HH.


          • Hi Julie. The Hilton Honors American Express Card earns 5 points per dollar spent at U.S. supermarkets, U.S. gas stations and U.S. restaurants. Here is the actual verbiage from the card’s terms and conditions: “You will receive 2 additional Hilton Honors Bonus Points, for a total of 5, for each dollar of eligible purchases at the following categories of merchants excluding superstores and warehouse clubs: restaurants located in the U.S., supermarkets located in the U.S. and on gasoline at gas stations located in the U.S.”


            • Julie意大利足球明星 意大利足球明星 March 5, 2019

              This was great news. So now going to scrap the plan to get the Blue Cash Everyday esp that it is only cashback and there would be no points to transfer to my HH. Maybe now if I use my HH more they will give me better offers.


              • Glad you found the information useful, Julie. Thanks for reading.


                • Julie意大利足球明星 March 5, 2019

                  Yes. The no AF HH.

                • Thanks for confirming which card you have. That’s the one that earns 5 points/$1 on restaurants, supermarkets, and gas stations.

                • Mian Ali意大利足球明星 April 4, 2019

                  Can I purchase Hilton Honors points on the open market. Anyone sell these?
                  Or anyone in the group?

                • Hi Mian. You can purchase Hilton Honors points directly from Hilton. It is not the best value but when there is a promotion, it can be a viable option for a specific redemption. I would not advise purchasing points from an individual.

        2. John Baker意大利足球明星 March 21, 2019

          If I was already a member of Priority Pass and I am a new member of Hilton Honors, is there anyway that I could get the 10,000 free Hilton points that you get for applying to Priority Pass?


        3. Robert意大利足球明星 March 24, 2019

          I have stayed multiple times in Hilton Hotels. The stays do appear in my account but I am not receiving any reward points. Might there be hotels that appear in the account but are not earning points?


          • Hi Robert and thanks for your question. If you are using Hilton Honors points to book hotel stays, you may not be earning any points. Also, if you book Hilton hotels through a third party such as Orbitz, Hotels.com, etc. you will also not earn points. If you are booking paid hotel stays through the Hilton website or app and not earning points, you can call Hilton Honors and request the points. Hope this helps.


        4. Jack意大利足球明星 April 30, 2019

          Anyone know if you can get the sign up bonus for the $95 annual fee card if you already have the no annual fee card?


          • Katie Seemann意大利足球明星 May 1, 2019

            Hi Jack,
            Yes, you should be eligible to earn the sign up bonus on the Hilton Honors Amex Ascend Card ($95 fee) as long as you haven’t had the previous version of this card (Hilton Honors Surpass). So if you only have the no fee Hilton Honors card you should be good to go.


        5. KC Patel意大利足球明星 June 23, 2019

          Is there any way to convert Hilton Honors Points to Amex Membership rewards?

          Also, which Amex would you say is better, Hilton Amex or the Bonvoy Amex?

          Thank you, your site is so helpful!


          • KC,

            Thank you for the kind words!

            Unfortunately, it is not possible to transfer your Hilton Honors points to Amex Membership Rewards points.

            As far as which credit card is better, that largely depends on your travel needs and hotel group you prefer to stay with.


        6. Dee意大利足球明星 July 8, 2019

          Where can I find a list of eligible U.S. restaurants, supermarkets, and gas stations for earning Hilton Honor points? I currently have the card with no annual fee.


          • Christine Krzyszton意大利足球明星 July 8, 2019

            Hello Dee. There is not a list of eligible restaurants, supermarkets, or gas stations that qualify for earning Hilton Honor points. The IRS does classifies businesses by assigning merchant category codes (MCC), however, and you can use that list to get an idea of which businesses fall into which categories. American Express may assign some of its own merchant codes but the IRS will give you a general guideline. A purchase at any business that has a restaurant, supermarket, or gas station Amex merchant code will receive the appropriate amount of Hilton Honor points. https://www.dm.usda.gov/procurement/card/card_x/mcc.pdf


        7. Fun traveling意大利足球明星 July 29, 2019

          Is it worth it to buy a hotel room option “double points”. Any recommendations as to how to judge the math on that as each property is different. Never cheat on how many points I’m getting, so not sure if say the $49 increase is worth it.


        8. 意大利足球明星 Sheilar k Smith意大利足球明星 September 12, 2019

          I thought my points were all set. I spent several months at the Hampton Inn in Alton, Il. Now I find something must have gone wrong with my registration. My daughter had the same stay and her registration is fine. Along with her points. Is there anything I can do to get my points?


          • Hi Sheilar,

            We do not represent and have no affiliation with Hilton. We are a website that provided education travel guides. In order to get this situation resolved you will need to contact the Hilton customer service team.

            Thanks for reading!


        9. Mike意大利足球明星 November 18, 2019

          If I book two properties at once (e.g. having overlap), how do they get counted?

          Also if I check out and check back in, does it count as a new stay?



          • Hi Mike,

            Do you mean booking a night at 2 separate properties on the same day? Since you will only be able to check-in for one of those reservations, it’s likely that only 1 would be counted.

            Usually, there needs to be at least 1 night in-between checking out and checking back in to qualify as 2 separate stays.


        10. Martin意大利足球明星 November 26, 2019

          The hhonors program went downhill. Highly likely to be my last year with them, even next year I keep Diamond status, they’ve messed up so many times that it is hard to believe for me. Double charged points for one stay then claimed I stayed at that hotel twice. So-called “bonus points” when completing 40th 50th 60th night is a joke as well, always have to remind them to count it to your account, etc. After their CRM changed, if I recall something like 18 months ago, it has been one sad story.


        11. rms意大利足球明星 December 1, 2019

          How many points will I earn by buying a Hilton Gift Card with Hilton Honors Amex card?


        12. Kri$tofer意大利足球明星 January 18, 2020

          Currently Amtrak points can be transferred to Hilton if the Amtrak member has a high tier membership, typically spending $2500 on train travel a year, or having the Bank of America Amtrak credit card and spending $20,000 in a calendar year. Transfer to Hilton can take upwards to 28 days.


        13. P. Erickson意大利足球明星 February 2, 2020

          As a Hilton Diamond member, we use an American Airlines Citibank MasterCard to pay for our stays and only earn Hilton points (no AA miles). With the change coming in April 2020 (no longer cooperation between Hilton and AA to earn miles), will paying with the AA Citi credit card still give us Hilton points on our stays? Thanks for your reply.


          • Andrew Kunesh意大利足球明星 February 4, 2020

            Hello! Yes, you will still earn Hilton points when paying with an American Airlines co-branded credit card. Likewise, you’ll still earn Hilton points on your stay so long as you book directly with Hilton. The partnership only means that you cannot transfer miles from Hilton to American or earn American points in lieu of Hilton points.


          • P. Erickson,

            You’ll earn Hilton points regardless of what card you use to pay. The number of points you earn is broken down into 2 buckets:

            1. Points for booking a reservation (credit card doesn’t matter)
            2. Points for putting Hilton spending on a specific credit card

            So, you’ll still earn a base amount plus your Diamond bonus, but you won’t earn any by virtue of your credit card.


        14. NewbieBigCardRoller意大利足球明星 February 25, 2020

          New 2 card owner. I now have the Hilton Aspire card and the Chase Sapphire Reserve, I’m still confused about what would be the better point value using either card for daily things like groceries or a dinner out, dry cleaning, etc. CSR looks better in one sense, for things like travel, but what about other redemptions like gift cards? My gut says CSR day to day, due to the ton of Diamond points I will get for stays, but looking at early statement info its awesome to see “7x” and “3x” on my basic purchases like gas via the Aspire card. Thank you for answering questions and great site!


          • Hi NewbieBigCardRoller,

            We value Chase Ultimate Reward points at 1.95 cent per point, so that represents a value of 1.95% return on your spend when using the card on non-bonused spend. We value Hilton points at 0.4 cents each, representing a 1.2% return on your non-bonused spend thanks to the 3x earnings. So, in this case, you would want to use your CSR for all of your day to day spending – unless you’re trying to earn as many Hilton points as possible for a specific redemption.


        15. JD意大利足球明星 June 23, 2020

          Vinesse ended their promo with Hilton in 2018.



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