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        Packing for a family vacation can be stressful, and packing for a family vacation to Disney is no different. Even if you’ve been planning your trip for months, somehow there’s always some last-minute item that needs to get thrown into the luggage as you’re walking out the door.

        If you are driving to Disney, you have more flexibility with how much you can bring. But if you are flying, especially domestically, 巴萨五冠王you will likely be limited by how many bags you can bring and how much each one weighs巴萨五冠王.

        You don’t want to overpack and get hit with overweight luggage fees, but you don’t want to under pack and find yourself purchasing unnecessary (and overpriced) items at the park.

        That is why here is the ultimate Disney vacation packing list full of tips and tricks to help you save time and money on your next trip…and avoid that awful feeling that you may have forgotten something as you drive to the airport!

        巴萨五冠王? 巴萨五冠王Click Here to View our Printable Disney Packing List 巴萨五冠王?巴萨五冠王

        Upgraded Points Disney Packing List


        Packing Luggage
        Time to start packing! Image Credit: Africa Studio via Shutterstock

        You have likely been planning your trip to Disney for months by the time you get ready to start packing. That means you already know exactly how many days you will be traveling, which parks you will be visiting, and what the weather will be looking like.

        巴萨五冠王Your first step is to create a packing list巴萨五冠王 — To help, there’s an in-depth packing list, that’s free to download, at the bottom of this article. It’s specifically for Disney, so that is a great place to start. For now, see below.


        If you are heading to Disneyland in Southern California, you probably don’t have to worry too much about the forecast; they seem to be blessed with good weather year-round.

        However, if you are heading to Disney World in Orlando, Florida, you should double-check the forecast. In the summer, it can be quite hot and humid with frequent rainstorms throughout the day. In the winter, it get quite chilly, especially at night.


        Just because the trip is 7 days long doesn’t mean you will need 7 pairs of pants. Be honest with yourself about what you will likely need and use during your vacation.

        Also, keep in mind that most Airbnb/condo rentals will have a washer and dryer available.


        Travel Toiletry Bag
        Image Credit: Nadisja via Shutterstock.com

        This may not work for everyone, but if you are traveling light (carry-on only), you might not want to travel with all of your toiletries.

        If you are renting a condo and will likely be going to the supermarket anyway to stock the kitchen, it might be more convenient to just buy those supplies when you arrive.


        Download the tried-and-true checklist and do a “dry run” of your packing list. Highlight all the items you think you’ll want to bring, lay them out, pack ’em up, and check off the boxes.

        Then take a step back to look at what you’re bringing and how much space you have left (think souvenirs!). If you’re happy with how things are looking, great! If not, take a look at the list and try again.

        巴萨五冠王Bottom Line: 巴萨五冠王There is no one-size-fits-all packing solution, but following a few basic tips will help make sure you aren’t forgetting anything important or bringing way too much on your next Disney vacation. Packing cubes are also a great way to stay organized pre-trip.


        If you are visiting Disney with your family, especially young children, it may feel like you need to pack everything. While you’re not far off, there are definitely some unique-to-Disney items you should add to your packing list.


        Disney Autograph Book Princess
        Collecting autographs is a fun, and free, activity for kids. Image Credit: Chris Hassan

        Yes, costumes make the top of the list — you probably don’t have too many other vacations where you might “need” multiple princess dresses or superhero getups.

        But there is truly nothing like getting some magical photos of your little one dressed up as her favorite princess, right next to her favorite princess!

        That being said, do take note that 巴萨五冠王only kids are allowed to wear costumes to the park.?巴萨五冠王

        巴萨五冠王Hot Tip: 巴萨五冠王Guests aged 14 or older are not allowed to wear costumes in Disney parks.?


        While adults can’t wear full costumes, that doesn’t mean that they can’t have a little fun with their outfits. You will often see groups in the park wearing matching t-shirts as a way to find each other when things get a little too crowded.

        Most people like to have these custom made as a fun way to stand out from the crowds, as well as creating a fun souvenir to remember their trip together with.


        As you can imagine, souvenirs inside Disney parks can be quite expensive. If you want to save a few dollars, consider buying some Disney-themed gifts online before your trip and bringing them with you.

        Some popular items could include 巴萨五冠王hats, Mickey or Minnie ears, t-shirts, stuffed animals, pins, picture frames, key chains, etc.?巴萨五冠王

        巴萨五冠王Hot Tip: 巴萨五冠王Bring a handful of quarters and pennies so you can create your own official souvenirs at the Coin Press Machines throughout the parks!?


        Disney Magic Band. Image Credit: ShopDisney.com

        If you are staying onsite at an official Disney hotel, you will receive a free MagicBand. MagicBands have RF chips in them and allow you to unlock your hotel room, enter the parks, access your FastPass reservations, and much more.

        Disney will send you your MagicBands about a month before your check-in date.?If you aren’t staying at a Disney property, you can buy them online starting at $15.

        The important thing is to 巴萨五冠王remember to bring them巴萨五冠王!


        If you are traveling with a stroller, you’ll probably have some extra room to store your essentials throughout the day. If you aren’t, you should consider bringing a travel backpack or even a fanny pack to the park.

        Since many rides won’t allow you on with a backpack, a fanny pack may be the best (and most old-school) option. Fortunately, 巴萨五冠王fanny packs have been making a comeback巴萨五冠王 as people realize they can actually be quite useful — especially at Disney.


        Portable Power Bank Charger
        Power banks can keep your devices going while you’re on the move. Image Credit: Daniel Krason via Shutterstock

        Taking photos, posting to social media, and constantly checking the My Disney Experience app for more FastPass options can quickly drain your cell phone battery.

        That is why it is 巴萨五冠王absolutely essential that you bring a backup battery and charger for your cell phone巴萨五冠王.

        巴萨五冠王Hot Tip: 巴萨五冠王As you might have guessed, the research has been done for you and here are the best portable power banks for travel.


        Believe it or not, there is something that is free inside of Disney parks — water! There are 巴萨五冠王water fountains throughout the parks, 巴萨五冠王and you can also 巴萨五冠王request free ice water at any quick service restaurant.?巴萨五冠王

        By bringing your own water bottle, you can save lots of money while staying hydrated.


        Who doesn’t love snacks? Bring them to the parks with you. If you also have a little one, you’ll also need to bring baby food with you as well.

        A small, soft cooler (or even a lunchbox) is a great option to keep your goodies cool in the heat.

        巴萨五冠王Hot Tip: 巴萨五冠王Guests are no longer allowed to bring loose ice inside of coolers into the parks, though you can bring ice inside water bottles or resealable bags, or use ice packs.?


        If you are visiting Disney World, there is a good chance that it will rain at some point. Unless you’re really lucky, you will probably need a poncho so you can continue to explore the park without getting soaked.

        The same goes for your stroller: be sure to have something to keep the stroller, its riders, and all of your contents dry!


        While not specifically referring to toys and tablets here, although those might be a good idea if you get stuck in some long lines. Instead, think about park-specific items.

        For example, bringing some glow paint to the Avatar area in Animal Kingdom is really cool. Also, glow sticks are a crowd favorite, and you can use them at any park as soon as the sun goes down.

        During the day, a bubble wand can keep the kids entertained in between rides, and you can save some serious cash by ordering it online before you travel.

        巴萨五冠王Hot Tip: 巴萨五冠王You can bring a bubble wand, but not a bubble gun. Anything resembling a gun will be confiscated at bag check.?

        And don’t forget your pins! If you are interested in trading pins with other guests or cast members, be sure to bring yours! If you’re new to the pin trading game, it is a fun way to create some magical memories, but there are some rules to follow:

        • If you are bringing your own pins from home (acquired outside of Disney) and you want to trade them with a cast member, make sure they have the official Disney copyright symbol on the back
        • Look for cast members with pins displayed on their lanyard
        • You can only trade up to 2 pins per day per staff member
        • Cast members can’t accept pins if they already have the same one on their lanyard
        • Refrain from touching other peoples pins without permission (cast members or other guests)

        There could be a whole post on pin etiquette, but that should hold you over for now!


        This is a no-brainer, as most parents will bring everything they need everywhere they go when they have young children in tow. But it’s always good to remember some extra clothes, diapers, wipes, etc.!


        Disney has 2 water parks in Orlando: Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach. If you plan on visiting one of these parks during your trip, be sure to pack appropriately. Think beach supplies!


        Everything that you would likely bring to the beach could go on this list:

        • Bathing suit
        • Towel
        • Goggles
        • Sunblock
        • Flip flops
        • …and more


        You will probably want to make sure you don’t forget your sunglasses and water bottle.

        Also, having a dedicated “beach bag” will be convenient, with some plastic bags inside for your wet clothes at the end of the day.


        Disney Outfit
        Wear comfortable clothes! Image Credit: Chris Hassan

        Clothing is what will likely take up most of your suitcase, even if you don’t overpack. Take another look at the forecast, and then think about what you really need.

        The most important thing is that 巴萨五冠王whatever clothes you decide to bring should be comfortable巴萨五冠王. You could be spending upwards of 12 hours in them on your feet.

        Despite this usage, you can probably get away with wearing the same pants or shorts multiple times throughout the trip with a different shirt. If the weather is nice, I like to stick with a couple of pairs of comfortable shorts, running shoes, t-shirts, and a light jacket or sweatshirt for the evenings.

        Unless you’re planning for a nice dinner, you are probably okay with a very casual packing list.

        巴萨五冠王Hot Tip: 巴萨五冠王Use packing cubes or large ziplock bags to keep your luggage organized and help save space!


        Everyone wants to look good, especially when you know you’ll be taking a lot of photos. But 巴萨五冠王the most important factor when you are packing shoes has to be comfort巴萨五冠王.

        You will be spending long, hot days on your feet. Think carefully about those cute flats and if they will give you the support you need.

        In most cases, some sort of tennis or running shoe will likely offer the best balance between style and comfort. Also, closed-toe shoes will also give you some extra protection from all the strollers rolling around.

        If you plan on visiting some water rides, it will probably be a good idea to bring a pair of flip flops or Crocs along as well.

        巴萨五冠王Bottom Line: 巴萨五冠王When it comes to shoes at Disney, only 1 rule matters: 巴萨五冠王Be comfortable!巴萨五冠王


        It is amazing how a tiny human ends up taking up most of your luggage space. It feels like you’ll be gone for 2 months just based on how much stuff kids need; right? And a trip to Disney is no different.


        If you were already planning on bringing your stroller, it’s a good idea. 巴萨五冠王Having a stroller at Disney is extremely convenient巴萨五冠王, as it provides a comfortable place for naps and a great catch-all for everyone’s stuff.

        A new rule at Disney states that 巴萨五冠王all strollers must be no wider than 31″ and no longer than 52″ 巴萨五冠王— so if you were planning on bringing a double stroller, go measure first!

        You can rent a stroller at Disney or at many other locations throughout Orlando, but bring your own because it helps in the airport as well (for the same reasons).

        Keep in mind that staff members will often reorganize the stroller “parking lots” while you are on a ride to keep paths clear. So 巴萨五冠王don’t freak out if you come out and your stroller is missing巴萨五冠王 — it’s probably just around the corner.

        巴萨五冠王Hot Tip: 巴萨五冠王Mark your stroller with a balloon or some glow sticks to make it easier to find, especially at night.?


        If you are traveling with an infant, you’re probably still using a car seat that connects to your stroller, which is great and easy for travel. But if your kid is older, you are probably using a bigger toddler seat or booster seat — which can be a pain to travel with.

        For those renting a car, you can rent a car seat with it. However, I don’t like to rely on rental car companies to have one available…plus, you’ll have to pay by the day (which can get expensive).

        Even though it is a hassle, some like to travel with their own car seats. You can gate check them at the airplane so there’s less chance of them getting damaged or lost


        You probably won’t be traveling with a crib with unless you are driving to Disney. However, most hotels and even condo rentals will have them available, often at no extra cost.


        Remember to bring your window shade if you have one; kids love it. Unless you rent a minivan or SUV, your rental car likely won’t have tinted windows. And the hot Florida sun coming through the back windows is sure to get any baby crying — let’s try to avoid that!


        Milk bottles, water bottles, bibs, pacifiers, diapers, swim diapers…anything that you normally use at home will probably get used on your vacation. Be prepared!

        巴萨五冠王Hot Tip: 巴萨五冠王Bring a small amount of dish soap so you can wash baby bottles in your hotel room.


        If you use a sound machine or a sound machine app at home while your child sleeps, it’s probably a good idea to bring it on the trip.

        Being able to replicate a good sleep pattern will hopefully help your little one drift off when it is nap time or bedtime.


        While it may make sense to do a quick grocery run once you arrive, sometimes you’ll want to bring some essentials with you (especially if you are renting a condo).


        Having a strong cup of coffee or tea in the morning can really help you get going, and at Disney, you’ll need all the extra energy you can get.

        If you are renting a condo and will be making coffee each morning, it might be a good idea to bring your favorite brand if you think the local supermarket might not carry it.

        For hotel guests, most hotel rooms will have some sort of coffee maker in the room (a Keurig or Nespresso machine if you’re lucky!). If you are picky about your brand and can confirm the coffee maker before arrival, you can stock up on your favorite pods and bring them with you.


        Snacks can be saviors at the parks. A perfectly timed handful of Goldfish can be the difference maker when you see a toddler tantrum coming on.

        巴萨五冠王Having your own snacks can also save you a ton of money巴萨五冠王 if your alternative is buying something inside the park every time someone is hungry.

        Every family will have their own favorite snacks, but here is a quick list of some options that are easy to pack:

        • Fresh fruit (bananas, pear, apples, and grapes all travel well)
        • Granola bars
        • Crackers (Goldfish, animal crackers, Teddy Grahams, etc.)
        • Trail mix
        • Mini cereal boxes (hint: often available at hotel breakfast buffets!)
        • Fruit snacks
        • Hard candy (sometimes you need to get that blood sugar up!)
        • Juice boxes
        • Beef jerky

        Most of these items don’t need to be chilled, so they’re easy to pack as well.

        巴萨五冠王Hot Tip: 巴萨五冠王Pack your snacks in ziplock bags that can be reused the next day for wet clothes.?


        You surely have your own list of toiletries that you pack whenever you travel (or you have a dedicated set if you travel often), but there are a few items it wouldn’t hurt to bring on your next trip to Disney:

        • Motion sickness pills
        • Aloe
        • Sunscreen
        • Bandaids and moleskin for blisters
        • Antibiotic ointment
        • Headache medicine
        • Sleep aids
        • Earplugs (for the fireworks display)


        Now that you have the Disney-specific items that you should consider packing, here is a quick rundown of important items you should be bringing on almost every trip.

        You can also find the complete list in the free checklist above.

        Woman Holding Passport
        Keep all boarding passes and passports together in a safe spot. Image Credit: Tawan Jz via Shutterstock


        • Photo ID or driver’s license
        • Passport if you are leaving the country
        • Emergency documents (health insurance, allergy list, emergency contact, etc.)
        • Confirmation receipts (flight, hotel, rental car, etc.)
        • Prescriptions for essential medication

        巴萨五冠王Hot Tip:?巴萨五冠王For international travel, kids need passports too! For more information on how this works, don’t miss our detailed piece: How to Get a U.S. Passport for Your Baby [Step-By-Step].



        巴萨五冠王Hot Tip:?巴萨五冠王Wondering if you’ll be able to bring a specific item inside the gates? Check out our piece on what’s banned from bringing into Disney parks.


        Walt Disney World Entrance
        Walt Disney World Entrance. Image Credit: Chris Hassan

        Planning a trip to Disney can be exciting and exhausting — but packing for Disney is usually just plain exhausting.

        Who doesn’t want your next trip to Disney to be awesome? With this packing list, you can at least be sure you won’t be forgetting anything important at home. There are even some great tips to make your trip even more magical.

        Download the Disney Vacation Packing List, try it out, and let us know in the comments if we forgot to add something!

        For more tips and tricks, check out this guide on how to make a trip to Disney stress-free and where to stay in Orlando for your Disney vacation.



        There’s an in-depth packing list, free to download, above. This way, you don’t forget a thing!


        First, check the weather and see what the average temperature will be. Next, download the packing checklist and pack any items that you think you might need!

        In California, the weather will likely be temperate. In Florida, temperatures can vary, so be sure to check the forecast.


        First, check the weather and see what the average temperature will be. Next, download the packing checklist and check off any items that you think you might need!

        It’s likely to be warm at both U.S. Disney locations in the summer. However, you may want a light jacket if you’ll be in the park at night for fireworks, etc.


        Yes, but there is a new requirement that strollers can be no wider than 31″ and no longer than 52″.?


        Your stroller can be no wider than 31″ and no longer than 52″, meaning a double stroller may be too big.


        Pay with a credit card to earn points, but $50-$70 per adult per day is a safe bet if you are eating in the park.?


        Coolers are still allowed, but no loose ice can be inside of them. Ice must be contained in baggies or bottles, or guests can use ice packs to keep items cold.

        Chris Hassan


        Chris is from Boston and is currently living in Rio de Janeiro with his wife, two kids, and their dog, Shelby. When Chris was in college, he spent a semester abroad studying hotel and business management in Switzerland. That is where he caught the travel bug?and?met his wife. Quite a successful trip!

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